The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Part I

I believe in One God Sovereign o’er all
Who has neither beginning nor an end
Beyond the farthest star from this world’s ball
His realms and vast dominions do extend.

The Father Almighty is this One God
Jehovah, Elohim and Adonai
Whose name all the heavenly angels laud
And all creatures beneath the clear blue sky.

The heavens declare His glory above
But who can take the measure of His worth?
All knowing, All powerful, God is love
Who is the maker of heaven and earth.

Yes, heaven and earth and what is more
The spiritual and the physical.
The source of being and existence for
All things visible and invisible.

Part II

And I believe in One Lord, Jesus Christ
Through Whom and in Whom the Father is known
God’s true Sacred Prophet, and Priest and King,
Who rules and reigns from God’s Holy throne.

He’s the Only-Begotten Son of God
Although by faith we His children become.
He breaks the nations with an iron rod
But with a shepherd’s He comforts His own.

Begotten of the Father Almighty
In the eternity before all worlds
Alpha and Omega, First and Last, He
Is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Jesus is God being sired of God,
The Light of Light which lighteth every man
And Very God, He is, of Very God
Since before this world’s history began.

He was begotten but He was not made
Not a beginning - a relationship
Which is and was and which shall never fade
Is the nature of His divine Sonship.

“I and My Father are One” Jesus said,
Being of one substance with the Father.
In Him all the fullness of Godhead dwelled
In humanity born of His Mother.

There with the Father in the beginning
The foundation of Creation He laid.
In Him and of Him the world has it’s being
Even in Him through Whom all things were made.

Who for us men and for our salvation
Came down from heaven
to this sinful earth
And become One of the Jewish nation
Through the miracle of the Virgin Birth.

He laid His heavenly glory aside
And was incarnate by the Holy Ghost
In flesh His divinity He did hide
And let the world He fashioned be His host.

In Judean Bethlehem He was born
Of the Virgin Mary and was made man
He Who one day would wear a crown of thorns
And die to pay for all of mankind’s sin.

He was betrayed by a disciple and
Friend, and was crucified also for us
Under Pontius Pilate
who o’er the land
Roman deputy and governor was.

He suffered and was buried in a tomb
Which was not His except by loan. He made
Atonement for sin by bearing its doom
By His death our debt to God’s Law He paid.

The spotless Lamb of God and Sacrifice
Sinless Himself, for us it was He died
And the third day He rose again to life
According to the Scriptures bona fide.

To’s (1) disciples did Christ Risen appear
And He fellowshipped with the Eleven
Them, to preach His Gospel both far and near
He sent, and Ascended into Heaven.

In Heaven’s glory He yet remains, and
Sitteth on the right hand of the Father

There always praised by the angel band
He reigns on High for ever and ever.

He is preparing mansions there for His
Redeemed and shall come again with glory
To judge both the quick and the dead
, for ‘tis
Prophesied in God’s inspired story.

He is the Messiah Who was foretold
By the Holy Ghost through prophetic men
Whose goings forth, He (2) says, have been of old
And Whose kingdom shall have no end. Amen!

Part III

And I believe in the Holy Ghost, The (3)
Counsellor and Comforter Christ promised
Would be sent down to dwell in us when He
Returned to that, of His realms, the calmest.

He is the Lord, the Giver of Life Who
Convicts of sin and quickens with the Word
He lives in the heart of the Christian to
Give him strength to live godly in this world.

He was present at Creation too
A member of the Godhead three-in-one
He is fully God and personal Who
Proceedeth from the Father and the Son

He is Almighty and Eternal Who
With the Father and the Son together
Is worshipped and glorified
, and He too
Rules over all things upper and nether

It is from Him that we have the Bible
Who spake by the Prophets in days of old
And by Apostles whom He made able
To preach the holy Gospel clear and bold.

And I believe One Holy Catholic (4)
And Apostolic Church, consisting of
Believers, both the sleeping and the quick,
Commissioned by the Christ to share His love.

And I acknowledge one Baptism in the
Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Which for the remission of sins in he
Who trusts in Christ is the outward signpost.

And I look for the Resurrection of
The dead
, which will happen on that great day
When Christ Who first came down to earth in love
Will come back again in Judgment to stay.

And with all of Christ’s redeemed Church and
With God’s Creation do I look for the (3)
Life of the world to come in which firsthand
We shall witness Him and His glory see.

Glory be to God the Father on High
And to the Son of God and Son of Man
And let all praise to the Holy Ghost fly
And let us shout a loud Amen. AMEN!

(1) i.e., “To his”
(2) The Holy Ghost
(3) Pronounced like “thee”.
(4) Universal

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