The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A brief word on the news

Immigration has become a hot topic in the Canadian news recently, with the arrival of the Sun Sea, a boat full of Tamils claiming refugee status. I intend to address the subject in an upcoming essay. It may be a week or two in coming, however, as I have yet to decide whether I wish to focus on the story that is in the news, or on the subject of Canada's immigration policy in general. The research the one kind of essay would require is not necessarily the same as the research the other kind of essay would require.

In the meantime, I refer you to Kevin Michael Grace's article Canada (Jason Kenney, Immigration Minister) Welcomes the Camp of the Saints, which was recently posted to VDare. Mr. Grace is one of Canada's best political commentators. His "Eclectica" used to be the first thing I would turn to when my issue of the Alberta Report arrived. It is a shame that we do not see him in print more often these days.

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